2022 Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE-PHILIPPINE) Holidays

Below is a list of the Opening, Closing, Current as well as Countdown Times for the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE-PHILIPPINE).

Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE-PHILIPPINE) Hours
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Status Open Time (local) Close Time (local) Current Time
Closed 09:30 15:30 22:31
Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE-PHILIPPINE) Holiday Calendar 2022
Chinese New Year 01 February
EDSA People Power Revolution 25 February
Holy Thursday 14 April
Good Friday 15 April
Eid-ul Fitre* 02 May
National Heroes Day 29 August
All Saints' Day 01 November
Bonifacio Day 30 November
Immaculate Conception 08 December
Rizal Day 30 December